Join me and other Visionary women committed to embracing their full impact, their fullest selves, claiming the FULLEST version of themselves...

Visionary Woman... 
It is time...
To stop playing small. 
To become the unfiltered, bold, audacious YOU. 
All. Of. You. 
To surrender to something greater than yourself. 
Your mission. Your impact. Your wealth frequency that is already here. 
Shifting your identity. Surrendering to the flow of momentum, the flow of infinite potentiality...
Because you know you are here to do big things.


Meet Drea

Drea Brown is a transformational business coach specializing in sales, marketing, and high-frequency content creation. She combines energetics and business strategy to help women entrepreneurs and coaches unlock their wealth potential and magnetize their dream clients. 

Drea helped scale sales programs for multi-8 and ten-figure companies in the corporate world after being the top salesperson in her industry. She owned a successful video marketing agency for multi-six- and seven-figure clients and is an expert in high-ticket organic sales. She has organically grown her audience to over 600,000 people, captivated 43,000 in a single live session, and helped her clients achieve multi-six-figure success through organic content energetics and strategy. 

Her approach integrates the science of energetics with practical business strategies, amplifying clients' visibility, impact, and wealth. Drea is dedicated to helping women step into their authority, embody their highest frequencies, and create fulfilling, financially abundant lives and businesses. 

Outside of her professional life, Drea enjoys traveling the world and seeking out new adventures. She's a book nerd, a passionate foodie, and loves playing with her new baby.