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We are currently accepting guests who align with this podcast and have an unquenchable fire and desire to share their experiences and expertise to create an impact in this world.

The Aligned Empire Podcast is not just a podcast; it's a movement for women entrepreneurs to unleash their full potential, creating a massive wave of change, wealth, and impact.


About Drea: 

Drea Brown is a passionate entrepreneur and digital marketing expert who transitioned from a successful corporate sales and marketing career to creating a thriving digital marketing &coaching agency, with an emphasis on helping women expand into their fullest expression. 

As a former #1 sales expert in her industry, Drea experienced burnout and hospitalization, forcing her to reassess her life and career. Following this experience, she learned the ultimate importance of leading a fully aligned life and business. 

With a passion for helping others make a massive impact in the world, Drea rapidly gained a highly engaged audience of over 600,000 members on social media in just four months. Her digital marketing and coaching agency skyrocketed from 0 to 6 figures in three months, empowering women to expand into their fullest expression through video and helping them realize their fullest potential in business. 

A world traveler, free spirit, and multi-passionate, Drea has cultivated a unique approach to marketing that focuses on energetics, embodiment, strategy, and soul expansion.

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